• Whew!

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    Thank you all so very much for making this day absolutely amazing!

    Smiling after the ceremony

    Want to see pictures? Check out the Wedding Camp Group pool on Flickr!

  • Getting to the Events

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    The Big Day is nearly here. Our home is awash in the origami cranes we’ll be using as decorations and favors. Many appointments and tasks to take care of yet!

    We wanted to provide some suggestions on how to get both the ceremony and the reception. As well as some parking details.

    The Ceremony is being held in the bandstand at Peninsula Park, near the rose garden. Please remember that Portland Parks and Recreation limit the number of chairs we can have – you will need to stand, sit on the grass, or bring a lawn-appropriate chair for yourself.

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    If you are driving is street parking in the neighborhood surrounding the park.

    There is bicycle parking available at the park, but it may be closer to the Community Center on the north end of the park.

    If you are taking Tri-Met both the #4 and #44 buses run right past the park.

    We plan to walk from Peninsula Park to the reception after the ceremony is done and a few photos taken. We would love it if our family and friends would join us for this short, 6 block walk!

    The Reception will be held at the North Star Ballroom

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    If you are driving there is on street parking. Guests are also allowed to park in the adjacent lot belonging to Portland Community College. Please note, it is posted that a permit is needed, however the college has an agreement with the North Star to allow the use of this parking lot.

    If you are bicycling there are some staples across the street from the North Star along Killingsworth Court. Bikes can also be secured to the handrail on the west side of the building near the ramp to the lower level. Bikes may also be locked to the metal fence surrounding the parking lot.

    If you are using Tri-Met the #4 and the #72 come near the venue.

  • Gifts?

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    We’ve been asked several times where we are registered for wedding gifts.

    Honestly, we do consider your presence and your potluck contribution to be a wonderful gift already. We do not want anyone to feel as though we will be in any way disappointed if a gift isn’t offered. That said, we also would be equally delighted to receive a gift if you really want to offer one.

    Please keep in mind that we are vegan and that items made with wool, leather, silk, feathers, etc. would not be appropriate.

    Here are some ideas and links to the two places we’ve registered.

    • We would like to start camping and backpacking. We are registered with REI or would also love to receive REI gift cards to use toward the purchase of equipment.
    • There are several household items we have registered for at Amazon.
    • Since we have a lot of home improvement projects ahead of us gift cards to Home Depot or Portland Nursery would be received with much gratitude.
    • Finally, if you have spotted something wonderful and lovely for our home, we do trust you to make a selection on your own!
  • Help Us Build Wedding Camp!

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    We’ve come to the point were we’ve accepted that although our preference is to be running events, we can’t really run this event the same way we’ve run technology conferences in Portland. Despite not really caring for being the center of attention, a wedding really puts you right there and you have to give up some things…

    Like setting up the reception venue and the ceremony site.

    We generally need to be getting dressed and having our pictures taken just before and after the ceremony. Early on Sherri had worked out some timing logistics and them promptly ignored them when arranging times, sending invitations to the printers, etc. She’s used to being behind the scenes and from that perspective the timing would be great! But she’s not, so the timing is pretty tight!

    Here’s the deal:

    We need help! Here’s our wishlist of help we could use on The Big Day and what time of day the help would be needed:

    1. Chief Wrangler at the North Star Ballroom (2PM)
      If this gets done quickly, the North Star is about 6 blocks from the ceremony, people could help out and still make the ceremony.

      • Keeper of the task list
      • Validate all the tasks done
      • Keep an eye on the clock for everyone
    2. Chief Wrangler at Peninsula Park (2PM)
      • Keeper of the task list
      • Validate all the tasks done
      • Keep an eye on the clock for everyone
    3. People to set up North Star Ballroom (10+ ideally/2PM)
      If this gets done quickly, the North Star is about 6 blocks from the ceremony, people could help out and still make the ceremony.

      • Set up tables & chairs for guests
      • Set up tables, power cords for potluck
      • Set up tables for cake and gifts
      • Hang up decorations
      • Put table clothes on tables
      • Put decorations on tables
      • Put out utensils, plates, napkins by potluck area and for cake
      • Set up guest book
    4. People to set up Peninsula Park (4 ideally/2PM)
      • Sweep out bandstand
      • Set up 12 chairs in bandstand
      • Set up altar and cushions
      • Generally direct traffic
      • Remove chairs, cushions and altar when ceremony completed
    5. Bartenders for the reception (3 ideally if friends volunteering, MUST have OLCC certificate**/5PM)
      • Check IDs & serve beer
    6. Clean Up Crew (10+ ideally/9-10PM)
      We have to be out of the building at 10PM, so we’ll need to get all the tasks done as quickly as possible in an hour.

      • Take down decorations
      • Take down tables and chairs set up for event
      • Wipe down potluck tables and take down
      • Sweeping up the floors
      • Gather trash to be removed from site (we could use a truck on site for this, might be our truck)

    Other wishlist items:

    1. Battery powered PA for the ceremony
    2. DJ & PA, plus someone to MC the reception
    3. Pedicabs, possibly 2 to take Sherri’s Mom (disabled) & Step-Dad, and maybe Sherri & Christie from Peninsula Park to the North Star Ballroom (6 blocks)
    4. Custom Werewolf decks!! (“I didn’t get lynched at Wedding Camp 2010″ with the special role of “The Newlyweds”)
    5. tissue paper flowers – yes, the ones popular for Cinco de Mayo – we want to use some for decorations
    6. paper cranes, particularly would like some really large ones to put on tables
    7. matching zabutons (ours don’t line up when next to one another, would like to have a “set” for the ceremony)
    8. A larger Buddha for the altar at the ceremony
    decoration hint?

    Sherri's latest experiment with origami cranes and watercolor painting

  • RSVP Us!

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    Who, how many come?
    Please share with us advice on
    How to make Love stay.

    The above is the RSVP directions in haiku form. Christie challenged Sherri to come up with this haiku a few weeks ago. The last line borrows just a little from Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins.

    Poetry aside, here’s what you need to do:

    1. You will have found a pre-addressed & stamped postcard in your invitation. Get it out.
    2. Write on the back the postcard the names of the people who will or will NOT be attending.
    3. Add a small piece of advice on how Christie & Sherri can sustain their relationship through all the ups-and-downs that life has to offer (“How to make Love stay.”)
    4. Send Back the Postcard You Received. Yes, really. Please do not keep the postcard! Although an email or call letting us know you’re coming is great, we really want to have all the postcards sent to us. We plan to gather all the postcards into a scrapbook after the wedding, so please send your postcard back to us.

    Got it? That’s the deal. Tell us who’s coming, or not, give us some advice, and SEND BACK THE POSTCARD.


    Christie, assisted by Obie

  • Engagement Celebration

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    Last night a whole lot of friends came by to wish us well. We hadn’t been planning on throwing an engagement party, especially this close to the Big Day, but we wanted to try to include the friends who won’t be able to make it to the wedding. This plan worked very well except for one couple of friends who have commitments this weekend and the September 11.

    Daniel (@teknotus) had some great advice about the walk/ride from Peninsula Park to the Northstar Ballroom. He’s helped out with so many local bike events and is very knowledgeable about this kind of stuff. He’s also putting us in touch with someone he knows that has pedi-cabs. We’re still considering using pedi-cabs to take us and our respective parents from the park to the reception.

    We also brainstormed some with everyone about the logistics of the Northstar not being available for set up until right about the time we need to be at the park. We’re wondering about accessing at 2pm and ending things at 9pm, with clean up until 10pm. From there people can meander over to the McMenamins Chapel Pub. That would give time for both us to briefly be at the Northstar to get the set up going before needing to walk over to the park. More to come on this later.

  • So.. the invitations…

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    Really, we have them, and we’re working on getting them sent out over the next week. We know it is a good thing we’ve been talking to everyone, so folks pretty much have the date saved already. Still… it would be nice to have them out. We’re pretty happy with them and they were fun to come up with.

    The basic idea was discussed and sketched out in pen. Sherri went looking for some images to get an idea going. From those Christie worked out a design, we went it off to the printers and it will slowly be making it out to people.

    The City of Portland limits the number of people we can have at the ceremony in Peninsula Park. There is a special postcard about this including in with the invitations. We’re really sorry we’ve had to limit this, we’d really rather just have everyone there.

    A note about the RSVP postcards:  No, you can’t keep them. Please do send these back to us!

  • Welcome to our wedding site!

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What, Where, When

Sept 11th, 2010
Ceremony: 3pm @ Peninsula Park
Reception: 5pm @ Northstar Ballroom

Vegan Resources

  • Blossoming Lotus Great vegan restaurant. Provides catering and take-out.
  • Bombay Chaat House We’re not sure if they do catering or not, but they do make some of the best chaat from a cart in Portland! Request dishes be made vegan.
  • Dalo's Kitchen Our fave Ethiopean place. They’d set you up with vegan dishes & rolls of injera to bring if you’d like.
  • Get Sconed! Our friend Jess’ great vegan blog. Some awesome recipes here.
  • Hot Lips Pizza Want to bring a vegan pizza for your potluck contribution? Order one from Hot Lips, hold the mushrooms (both Christie & Sherri hate them), and it will be great!
  • New Seasons Market Our fave market (particularly the Arbor Lodge store). Go to the deli, tell them you need to bring a vegan dish to serve 10 to people who hate mushrooms. They’ll figure it out and do it well!
  • Nicholas Restaurant You cannot go wrong bringing vegan food prepared at one of the Nicholas Restaurant or Habibi locations. Best in town, hands down.
  • Papa G's Vegan Organic Deli The name kind of says it all – this place can come up with something for you to bring to the potluck and it will certainly be vegan!
  • Pho Jasmine Want to just bring orders of vegan salad rolls or BBQ Tofu? That will work and this fave restaurant is just arond the corner from the reception site.
  • Post Punk Kitchen Awesome recipes here!
  • Shmooed Food Yep, more great vegan recipes!
  • Sweetpea Baking Company Our favorite baker and maker of the wedding cake. We don’t actually need more cake, but go here for gluten free goodies if you want to bring them.
  • The Urban Housewife Another great vegan blog with recipes
  • Van Hanh Vegetarian Restaurant Bring a few orders of the lemongrass tofu sticks or the potato salad rolls – yum!
  • Veg Food & Fit Healthier vegan recipes by our friend Wendy
  • Vegan Cooking Club Sherri’s Recipe/Food Blog, with guest posts by friends
  • Vegan Yum Yum Some awesome, gorgeous recipes here